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AC Heteropolar Windings

Before a discussion of drum windings that constitute the majority of the winding types used in the industry nowadays, we need to get familiar with varieties of windings from different points of views. In this discussion, only distributed three-phase windings … Continue reading

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Three-Phase Fractional-Slot Windings

Background Fractional-slot windings were invented for some purpose that was totally different and limited from what they were later used for. Assume that the armature of a three-phase salient-pole synchronous generator is designed with nine slots per pole (like in … Continue reading

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Basic Rules of Three-Phase Windings

There are two simple but important rules in the windings theory: When the positions and directions of the currents for each phase are known, then for analysis purposes, it doesn’t matter how they are interconnected or where the currents start … Continue reading

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